by Chris, Tucson Computer Repair Service / SMB Arizona

This scam has really proliferated in the last year or so. It is basically the Internet equivalent of the old “Make $$$ Stuffing Envelopes” scam that many are familiar with.

Basically the scammer wants you to believe that you can earn a nice monthly income posting links on Google. Typically there will be a website, with a picture of someone, with a big grin on his face, holding a check from Google as “proof” that this sort of home-based business works and is legitimate. Uusually the story goes that this individual was laid off from his job,.discovered this “rare” business opportunity to make money out of his home with only his computer and Internet connection. The fact is that there are an incredible number of clones of this type of website, all over the Web. The pictures are bogus, the claims are bogus, etc. You can make money posting links on Google, if you really know what you’re doing, but not in the way this scam states you can. Click on Read More to watch video.

See video on this scam below.

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